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Pakistan now has female bike captains

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Pakistan is now a female motorcycle captain, part of the Women's Empowerment Scheme. These ladies are Pakistan's first female motorcycle captain. Rafiq Shahaz took the first few people to this work in Lahore.

These women stand as signs for the world that women are able to do anything that put them in mind.

In a special interview with Express Tribune, Rafet said he was happy to get a platform to improve his passion. "I'm driving a bike because I was 12 years old and I was passionate about bike riding."

Pakistan and its mission to empower women

Rafiq believes motorcycle riding services are not limited to gender or gender. "If you are afraid, you will say fear. Today, if you get scared, tomorrow you will not be able to do anything tomorrow." They believe that women are more likely to get more.

Because of the increasing tension on security issues for women and children, Rafi says that he has never tried to go to the places that are now due to his passengers. They say that this experience has earned much of its confidence.

"I'm also a lady and I want to take the ride for 11 hours, but I know I have to get up early and I'll start at 10 at this time, I'll do my last ride." He wakes up till 9 o'clock on that day.

However, the refet does not need to follow a set-up set, "I can take them to a limit, sometimes I take them 9:00 and sometimes 10 am but I I do not want to say. Sometimes I try my best to please my passengers. "

Rafiq believes he is lucky because he did not face any major problem about his passengers. He said, "Everybody honors me," he added, neither male nor female passengers have any problem with it.

"I feel, if you respect a man you still respect you, my whole ride with men still remained very good and the sympathy ended on conditions."

Uber and Cam work women in Saudi Arabia

"I am going to visit the places of travel," sai



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