1/27/2018 12:00:00 AM

The Supreme Court has banned Pakistan packing milk on Saturday.

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The Supreme Court has banned Pakistan Packing Milk on Saturday.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar headed the three-judge bench, who decided to hear a case about the use of illegal chemical injection on farm cows.

Later Sindh authorities have told that milk, Nurpur, the day can be sold to fresh milk from UHT and Sky Delhi to get milk.

The court banned all four companies, after which the court advocate Muhammad Worah with the court in this matter, reviewing a report on this matter.

According to the report, the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has announced milk from every four companies, which is illegal for human consumption.

The report further states that milk of more than three companies did not meet the standards set by Pakistan's quality and quality control authority.

This report also said that 53 brands have been tested for quality testing, out of which four brands will be standardized.

Trouble to the next session of the Karachi Registry, Justice Nisar ordered companies to prepare tea vanners for non-alternative companies for milk.

On January 8 a similar case was heard in SC's Lahore Registry. There, Justice Nisar had forbidden the hormone injection in the cow to increase milk production.



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