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i Wear small Dress or Covered, what is your problem, what you want.... Pakistan's beautiful singer gets Angry

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LAHORE (Web Desk) This is my life and I will not be afraid of you, I will not fear you, singer Masha Shafia responded to her criticism. According to details, a few days ago, the pictures of criticism of Misha Shafia in short clothes were started on all over the country, and the actress was sent to a social actress on social media to be ashamed.

You live in Pakistan and are a citizen of the Islamic country, wearing such clothes and spreading extravagance does not hurt you. Many social media users also demanded the apologist to apologize. But Masha Shafi went upside down critics. Famous singer Meesha Shafi said that interfering in my personal life should be done by the nails, I am in love as if someone is worried about wearing a dead body.

After the photographs of Misha Shafi's short clothes appear, she is being criticized, which is now known as singer Maasha Shafi. Misha Shafi says that in the Shubes the artists are dressed according to time and conditions, and nobody has the right to interfere with my personal activities. The one who understands the proper and necessary will do the same, I will do nothing. Misha Shafi suggested that singing and acting requirements are different, and it is not necessary that your clothes like your sisters and sisters in our homes should wear the same thing. So please do not criticize me and do your work. Keep working from I am sure to know what to do and how to wear clothes. (SHOWS)



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